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How to Get Payday Loans

When you’re ready to request a payday loan, we’ll show you where to begin. Payday loans are one way of providing you with the extra cash you need for expenses that can’t wait. Contact us today for more information about getting your fast loan.


Professional and Friendly

Our support team is here to help you, beginning with your first step. When you send your online request to Titan Payday Loans, you won’t be alone in your hunt for a lender.


Cash When You Need It

If you have bills or expenses that can’t wait for your next paycheck to arrive, submit your online inquiry form for a payday loan and we’ll help you find a lender.


Easy Online Request

Getting started with payday loans is quick and easy. Go to our website, fill in the shortened inquiry form and submit it.


We’re Ready Now

When you work with us, you’ll get round the clock support that you can depend on. Whenever you’re ready to send us your request for a payday loan, we’ll begin helping you find a lender.

Why Choose Titan Payday Loans?

Helpful Team

When we receive your online request, our team will immediately share your need for cash with our extended group of lenders. You’ll get fast service and a quick reply.

No Obligations, No Hidden Fees

For you, payday loans are a win-win solution. Our service is free, so you don’t need to think about how much it costs. When you get a loan offer, you’re under no obligation to sign it. So what do you have to lose?

High Quality Service

We take your needs seriously and will do our utmost to help you find a lender who can accept your online request.

Fast and Easy

When you need cash for any reason, we don’t think you should have to jump through hoops or wait a long time. Send in your request for a quick response.

About Us

Let’s work together today, so you can find a lender fast!

The staff here at Titan Payday Loans understands that it’s not always possible to live from one paycheck to the next. Sometimes there are expenses or surprises that you couldn’t have known about or prepared for. This can happen to anyone, so there’s no reason to feel bad about it. But there is a way out of that sticky situation, by requesting payday loans.

Payday loans are like a bridge between one paycheck and the next. They are short term loans meant to help out in a time of difficulty. Since they are paid back with your next salary that arrives, you aren’t stuck with monthly payments, so they can really help out when you need cash fast. Say you had to take a few days off to care for a sick family member, or maybe there just wasn’t enough work for you. For any reason that your salary might be reduced, it doesn’t matter because you still have bills to pay. That’s one place where a payday loan can help you pick up the pieces. Get the cash to pay the bills when they are due, so you don’t get stuck with late charges or a bad credit rating.

During the course of a month, anything can happen, including expenses popping up from nowhere! It could be from bills that were forgotten or emergency expenses but it doesn’t matter – they have to be paid. If you find yourself struggling to get expenses met or to put food on the table, a payday loan could help. We will share our entire list of lenders with you so that you can connect to one quickly. When accepted, you’ll get a payday loan offer to sign and get your cash quickly.

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